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GI Broom Powder

kr 384.45

An Herbal Formula of:

* Psyllum Seed Husks
* Cascara Sagrada Bark
* Plantain Leaf
* Slippery Elm Bark
* Marshmallow Root
* Fenugreek Seed
* Fragrant Waterlily Root
* Iris Moss
* Bistort Root
* Bayberry Root Bark
* Mullien Leaf
* Cape Aloe Leaf
* Bentonite Clay
* Charcoal Activated
* Ginger Root
* Aloe Vera
* Cinnamon Chips
* Cherry

GI Broom was designed not only to remove toxic buildup (mucoid plaque) on the intestinal wall; but also to pull through the intestinal wall into the lymphatic system where lymph stagnation causes mal-absorption, GI tract inflammation (e.g. enteritis, colitis, etc.), cancers, polyps, etc. Removes sulfur accumulation and other toxic chemicals that have been stored in the GI tract wall.

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