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Beginning Detox: 5 Easy and Inexpensive Tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused? You are not alone. Here at Our Botanicals, we know that the golden key to health is detoxification. We’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years, and understand that starting out on your detox journey can be tricky. There’s a ton of new information, lots of opinions and so […]

Spotlight on our Anti-Parasite Formulas

We briefly covered parasites in our Gut Health blog post, which you can read here. However, parasites are such prevalent problem that we usually avoid talking about due to their unpleasant nature. So, here is a full blog post to really tackle them once and for all. Let’s learn what parasites are, how you get them, […]

Hello! I’m Hannah

Hey there! I’m Hannah, I’m a New Zealander living on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. I have recently joined the team at Our Botanicals, and over the past month I’ve been posting almost daily on our Instagram account (you can check it out here). I’ll also be regularly posting here on the blog […]


Mindfulness is the practice of living your life as if it really mattered, and that involves bringing your attention into the present moment with openhearted presence, and kindness to yourself. The latest research in mindfulness is showing that it is possible to actually practice paying attention in systematic ways that changes the way the brain […]


There is no doubt that proteins are used for numerous important tasks within the human body including repair of body tissue, hormone production, and nutrient transport. However, the mainstream understanding of the relationship between the protein we eat, and the protein we use within our bodies is very poorly understood. The truth is that our […]


My role as a Psychologist and Detoxification Specialist gives me special insights into people’s lives that are not usually revealed to others. I count this as a blessings and a privilege to be able not only to hear people’s deepest hearts, but also to speak so personally into their lives. One of the most common […]